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Group CrossFit Classes

Our group CrossFit classes are designed for anyone looking to improve their general fitness level, lose weight or get stronger. Each class encourages athletes to push their personal fitness threshold with the support of a coach, in a community atmosphere. In each hour long class, athletes will be challenged with a combination of movements including, Olympic weightlifting, body weight movements and Gymnastics. By varying the movements in each class the athlete stays challenged and can look forward to a new workout each day.

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This class is designed to bridge the gap between our advanced athletes and our competitive athletes, or those who simply want to dedicate more time in improving the sport of CrossFit. Athletes will be performing more volume under heavier loads for a longer period of time. This class lasts 1 h 15 min and will include three components. In order to test into this class athletes must have strict pull-ups (men 3-5/women 1-2), ring dips (kipping or strict. men 2-3/women 1-2) and HSPUs (kipping or strict. men 10-15/ women 5-7). Athletes must have 15-18 months of CrossFit experience and be performing most workouts Rx. If interested, please contact us at for more information on pricing and how to test into the class.


Learn the movements and language of CrossFit. Working with one of our coaches you will be taught the foundational movements that make up a CrossFit workout. We keep these classes small so you can get plenty of one- on- one attention to learn the skills and have a good base for our CrossFit classes.

Nutrition & Goal Setting

Work with one of our coaches to help build better eating habits, learn about the right nutrition to fuel your body and how to set successful goals. This is not a dieting program, but a way to work with a coach to develop a better lifestyle. We have a variety of programs throughout the year from Nutrition Challenges, one-on-one coaching and on-going nutrition camps. 

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Personal Training

Work one-on-one with a coach to accomplish your goals. Whether you just need a little help to learn a skill, want to improve your mobility or train a weak area, sign up to have one of our coaches help you. Each 30 minute or 1 hour session is our coaches focused solely on your goal.

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