How to Join – CrossFit and Fearless
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How to Join

Step 1
Try a Free Class.
No obligation, just come in, have fun and see what CrossFit and Fearless is all about!
Step 2
Sign-Up for Elements
Once you have tried a free class, sign up for our Elements program. This is 3 classes in a small group setting where you’re equipped with the movements and lingo of CrossFit.
Step 3
Sign up for a membership.
We have lots of options, 2x/week, 3x/week and unlimited.
CrossFit and Fearless Test Out
If you have been CrossFitting 6 months or more, sign-up for our Elements Test Out. If you are confident in your movements, then one of our coaches will observe your skills, with an emphasis on technical lifts, in a one hour session. Then you are ready to sign up for a membership!

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