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Remember to Have Fun

Doing a CrossFit workout can be one of the toughest parts of your day, but it should also be one of the most fun parts! Remember to have fun with your workouts! Read more by clicking the link!

The Magic of the CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is a yearly 5 week test of fitness. Each week, all CrossFit gyms around the world will perform the same workout, and many will host community nights for each. Read more about the magic of the CrossFit Open!

The CrossFit Pyramid

Pyramids are often used to describe levels of importance. The CrossFit Pyramid is no different. Read more to learn about the hierarchy of importance in CrossFit training!

Nutrition Tracking: Why it’s Important and How You Can Do it.

Tracking your food is a great way to build better eating habits and to learn where you are nutritionally. It boils down to three simple benefits: 1. Knowing the nutrition facts of foods will help you start to make healthier decisions, 2. You will have a record of what you ate, so if a certain food makes you feel bad you can have an idea what it is, 3. Anything that is tracked improves. Read the entire blog post for more information.