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Healthy Holiday Recipes

There is no avoiding sugar during the holidays, we all know that. But there are ways to help make the treats, and other dishes, a tad bit healthier to keep us closer to our overall goals!

Fearless Nutrition Tips for the Holidays!

With the holidays right around the corner, many of us will be put into social or family gatherings where one of the main focuses of the event is food. For many this can lead to a lot of temptation, constant focus on food, and potential overeating. Don't fear, for there are ways to get around this!
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The Importance of Recovery

Recovery is by far the most under looked aspect of fitness, yet it is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle! In truth, when we work out what we are doing is actively breaking down the muscle in our body – that is why our performance gets worse and worse as we go through a workout.

Relative Intensity: The True Beauty of CrossFit

CrossFit by definition is “constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity.” There is one other part of this definition that is not strictly defined but is heavily implied. The definition with the implied part is “constantly varied functional movements performed at a (relatively) high intensity.”